Climate justice, science and politics

  • There are options all over the world for students interested in climate justice, science, and politics to study abroad. Many climate justice, science, and policy minors will study abroad to complete their on-campus coursework, gain hands-on experience, research environmental policy, and more. This page contains information that will help climate justice, science, and policymakers determine how to incorporate study abroad into their Brandeis career.

    Example of Approved Programs with Courses in Climate Justice, Science, and Policy

    Visit the Brandeis Approved Programs List for a complete list of programs that offer environmental studies courses. Click “Advanced Search” to filter options or search for unique program features like internships or research. Additional programs may have acceptable courses, but this list shows key locations where courses in climate justice, science, and policy may be available.

    Study Abroad Liaison

    To assist students with their academic choices abroad and to help answer any questions about earning major/minor credits abroad, each academic department and program has designated a faculty member to serve as their liaison for studies abroad. As each department has different policies regarding foreign credit, the Study Abroad Liaison Officer can assist you with major/minor credit counseling. Find the Study Abroad Liaison for Climate Justice, Science and Policy here.

    Receive credits in climate justice, science and politics

    Students wishing to receive climate justice, science, and policy credits for courses completed off-campus during the academic year should discuss these plans with the study abroad liaison. All students, as part of their application process for a summer semester or semester abroad, will be required to have a course proposal reviewed by the department if they wish to receive credit in that major/minor. For the semester, this is an initial conversation and students should continue to discuss plans with the department as they have more course information (syllabus, etc.). For the summer, courses are pre-approved. Upon their return, semester students must complete the Requirement Substitution Request Form for a Final and Formal Examination.